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Jahitin started from the phenomenon experienced by our founder in 2009-2016 who was struggling in finding tailors who were available. She had moved from one city to another and finally met a home-based tailor without a signage with boutique-class quality and at very cheap rates. Usually, this tailor received a tossed makloon from a boutique but it is well-known that the price for the services can be 10 times higher with the same quality.
We believe that tailors need a specific specialty, because a tailor who is good at making dresses is not necessarily good at making clothes and vice versa. This is what often causes tailors to work up to 2 months only for one order. It is caused by the order management system which is non-standard. They often sew clothes not according to the sequence, but from which order is easier to sew first. It can be because of the patterns or the models are new and need to be researched first. Meanwhile, if the tailor does the sew according to their skill category, they only take 1/2 day-1 day to work on 1 order from pattern, cut material, sewing to finishing.
From this, we finally came up with the idea to create a special platform for sewing services where tailors and customers can make order transactions more easily, so that it is more effective and efficient. With the Online Virtual Boutique, customers and tailors can make order transactions from anywhere and anytime, minimize model and workmanship errors up to 60% more accurately with SOPs owned by Jahitin.
We make it easy for every tailor to be able to receive orders independently through Online Virtual Boutique so that they can display their verified sewing results and portfolio which makes it easier for people who want to sew to conduct online consultations and transactions through the Mobile Application and Website.
From the customer's point of view, it is currently quite difficult to find a subscription tailor that suits their wishes both in terms of price and sewing model. We understand that you, our beloved customers, need easy access, friendly and fair prices. We are here to make it fair both for tailors and for you.
By improving skills and competencies, we hope that tailors can easily meet market needs and access markets, both national and international markets and can realize a more ethical fashion supply chain in Indonesia to support a more sustainable fashion ecosystem.
We help local tailors in Indonesia to more easily access the market through education and the use of technology. Currently, we are connected with more than 2,000 local tailors from various regions in Indonesia. But unfortunately, increasing skills through education is not enough, at this time we are trying to help open up opportunities for local tailors to be able to survive in the midst of a pandemic, considering that fashion is one of the sectors that is being heavily affected at this time.
Therefore, Online Virtual Boutique comes to you in 2021, with the hope that this platform will make it easier for our beloved customers to be able to experience new experiences in using the best services and works of local tailors who have been trained and curated by our team.
We believe, customer is the biggest force that allows tailors to continue innovating and creating the best and unforgettable experience for every customer who uses our services.
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